Michele Harris, PT

Physical Therapist
Neurac 1 Instructor
Certified Neurac Practitioner
Redcord Active Specialist

About Michele

Michele has always had a passion for movement. Whether it was competitive gymnastics, diving, dancing, or horseback riding she was constantly searching for the feeling of power and grace. After accepting a gymnastics scholarship to Texas State University, she became an NCAA All-American on the balance beam, then forward from there to earn her physical therapy degree.

Michele blends this background as a competitive gymnast and drive as a holistic therapist together with a deep and dynamic appreciation of the neuromyofascial system, offering her patients a unique variety of tools for increased function, self-awareness, performance enhancement, and injury prevention. Through her years of extensive work with the neurologic and orthopedic patient populations she offers expertise in motion analysis, postural correction, core stabilization, integrative motor control, kinetic chain restoration, restriction and asymmetry management.

During her time away from the clinic Michele has the opportunity to serve on the International Counsel for International China Concern, a Christian development organization committed to raising awareness and helping put an end to the unfortunate reality of disabled child abandonment. www.chinaconcern.org 

Michele and Dr. David Harris are blessed with three sons, AJ, Kyle, and Josh. They co-founded CHARM in 2011.

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Education And Training

Michele graduated with honors from the Physical Therapy program at Texas State University. She has served as an adjunct faculty member and clinical instructor since 1991 and received Outstanding Clinical Faculty Member distinction in 1996. She was honored to receive the Distinguished Alumnus award from the Texas State University Dept. of Physical Therapy in 2012.

Prior to CHARM she directed the Spinal Cord Injury program at St. David’s Rehabilitation Center, and then served as Director of Education at Adorno Mobility as an Assistive Technology Practitioner working closely with the ASL Association to care for individuals battling Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Since co-founding the Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine (CHARM) in August 2011, Michele’s tools and strategies have grown to include the use of the Egosque method, Alexander technique, and Aston Patterning for postural correction. She has advanced education in the use of Microcurrent Point Stimulation, Total Motion Release, Muscle Activation Technique, Postural Restoration (PRI), and Neurokinetic Therapy.

In 2012, Michele brought the revolutionary body-weight support, closed-chain suspension therapy referred to as Redcord Neurac (NEURomuscular ACtivation) to CHARM. She joined her international colleagues as a Certified Neurac Practitioner (CNP) in 2016, a Redcord Active Specialist (RAS) in 2017, and in 2019 she trained in Norway to become a Neurac 1 Instructor. In 2020, Michele was certified in the NeuFit Method, combining these two powerful therapies to benefit her patients.

Committed to being the perpetual student of movement, Michele’s thirst for expanding education and expertise is always in play as she continues to lead and develop the department of Physical Therapy at CHARM


If you ever think you’ll never get back to your pain free life before your injury, then you need to visit CHARM. I have been to physical therapists before, but this was nothing like that. I got one-on-one treatment where Michele was 100 percent focused on helping me. She listened to everything I said and was able to understand me. And the equipment they have available is state of the art incredible. Michele has me back to walking an average of 25 miles a week relatively pain free. She helped me understand where my pain was originating from, and I feel my whole body is so much stronger. I have so much more confidence in myself, and a spring in my step again.

- Debbie