NEURomuscular ACtivation
With Redcord NEURAC
Restores Pain-Free Movement Patterns

The Problem


Neuromuscular imbalances are caused by altered communication between the brain and the body. There are many reasons our bodies fall into these poor patterns including trauma, sustained postural positions or repetitive strain, illness, pregnancy, surgery, overtraining or under activity.

The Solution


Current research in pain science clearly links pain to altered neuromuscular control. Re-establishing proper movement patterns requires your body has the opportunity to access and fire the right muscles, at the right time, and in the right amount without pain.

Since 2012 Physical Therapy at CHARM has utilized the revolutionary closed-chain suspension therapy system by Redcord called – The NEURAC (NEURomuscular ACtivation) method. The Redcord Neurac provides the ability to off-load the body weight sufficiently to produce a pain-free environment in which our patient can once again regain proper neuromuscular control.

Weak Link Testing

Weak Link Testing...Changes The Game!

readily identify weak links in the neuromyofascial (kinetic) chain

Through Redcord Neurac testing we can readily identify weak links in the neuromyofascial (kinetic) chain that are commonly responsible for skeletal asymmetry, muscle compensation, strength imbalances, and chronic pain patterns. Testing is critical in the patient recovering from trauma, undergoing regenerative medicine, or simply interested in maximizing performance and decreasing the risk of injury. In the hands of experienced Redcord Neurac practitioners, you can make rapid changes in the way your body moves with improved control, ease, and power.

“I lived with neck and upper body pain for as long as I remember but thanks to the Neurac method I am pain free. I found the method to be the fastest, most efficient treatment that is user friendly and pain free. After only two sessions I was able to widen my shoulders and lengthen the back of my neck. I continue to exercise every day and work on improving my posture. I highly recommend the Neurac method.”


Earlier this year, I could barely walk due to pain in my right foot. After working with the physical therapists at at CHARM for three weeks using the Neurac system, I was pain free. In addition using the Neurac system strengthened my core significantly and helped increase my walking and running capacity alleviating some of the minor back pain and stiffness I would experience after playing golf. Using the Neurac system has been a game changer for me. I am feeling great and playing the best golf I have played in 5 years. You are active lifestyle saviors”


Redcord Neurac Provides

Pain Free

Closed Kinetic Chain

Suspension Therapy

Body Weight Off-Loading

3-Dimensional Movement

High Proprioceptive Input

Maximizing Deep Stability

Restoring Normal Movement


The Science


Therapeutic Vibration

Restore optimal function using Redcord Neurac

When it comes to movement, your body’s optimal function regardless of your age depends on synergy between the muscles that control movement (called stabilizers) and those that create the movement (called prime movers).

Many studies have shown that the stabilizer muscles tend to “switch off” due to pain, joint instability, poor alignment, long-term postural strain patterns, and simple disuse. As a result, prime mover muscles attempt to take over the stabilizer’s job.

This leads to impaired movement quality, abnormal muscle tension, decreased functional strength, decreased balance, fatigue, fear, and risk of additional injury. Even when the original pain subsides, the stabilizer system often remains “switched off”, leading to chronic dysfunction and pain.

Chronic pain is often caused by these tight muscles that will simply not release their grip. These gripping patterns not only create pain but they confuse the stabilizers discussed above. Redcord Neurac ca   effectively quiet tight muscles that are doing too much and gently facilitate the deeper stabilization system is through the Stimula high-frequency vibration

The use of the Stimula, a pain-free, safe, high-frequency vibration that attaches to the ropes of the Redcord Neurac, provides additional feedback to those “sleepy stabilizers”. Adjusting the power and the frequency of the stimulation gives the therapists at CHARM the ability to stimulate a variety of muscle groups that require attention from the deep cervical flexors, to the scapular stabilizers, to those stubborn glutes.’ Redcord Neurac or Neuromuscular Activation is an innovative therapy here at CHARM aimed at restoring normal function by stimulating these “sleepy stabilizers” through carefully designed closed kinetic chain exercises.


Charm is the first facility to systematically combine the power of regenerative medicine to increase structural joint integrity with the closed kinetic chain integration of the Neurac Method and the unique NEUBIE (Neuro-Bio-Electric-Stimulation)

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The powerful combination of Redcord Neurac and NeuFit can re-establish proper interaction between feed forward/ feedback receptors, the brain, and the muscles resulting in restoration of optimal movement patterns.


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