Microcurrent Point Stimulation

Releaseing Muscle Tension, Scar Tissue, and Pain

MPS is a direct current therapy used at CHARM
to release abnormal muscle tension and gripping patterns so proper motor control can
be re-established.

Treatment Benefits

Release Muscle Tension and Joint Restriction

Modulate Autonomic Nervous System and Decrease Sympathetic Up-regulation

Repolarize and release scar tissue

Decrease pain and tissue sensitivity

Myofascial Release and Increased Circulation

Release Natural Endorphins Producing General Relaxation

Decrease Restriction Around Neural Pathways

Scar Release
Dolphins Mps Neurostim
Microcurrent Point Stimulation

The Science of Microcurrent Point Stimulation

Using MPS on my c-section scar was game changing. Immediately after an MPS session, I could feel and see that my scar had released. Instantaneously I could stand up straight and not feel pulling on my scar. Scar massage can be painful and scary — MPS is painless and I saw immediate results.