Microcurrent Point Stimulation

Releasing Muscle Tension and Pain

MPS is a direct current therapy used at CHARM
to release abnormal muscle tension and gripping patterns so proper motor control can
be re-established.

Treatment Benefits

Release Muscle Tension and Joint Restriction

Modulate Autonomic Nervous System and Decrease Sympathetic Up-regulation

Repolarize and release scar tissue

Decrease pain and tissue sensitivity

Myofascial Release and Increased Circulation

Release Natural Endorphins Producing General Relaxation

Decrease Restriction Around Neural Pathways

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Scar Release
Microcurrent Point Stimulation

The Science

Using MPS on my c-section scar was game changing. Immediately after an MPS session, I could feel and see that my scar had released. Instantaneously I could stand up straight and not feel pulling on my scar. Scar massage can be painful and scary — MPS is painless and I saw immediate results.