Redcord Active & NeuFit

Your Powerful Combination for FITNESS!

Many of our patients find the combination of the Redcord Active Exercises and the direct current of Neubie by NeuFit so effective that they wish to continue with a progressive fitness program following discharge from Physical Therapy.

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Maintain Your Gains and Maximize your Fitness with redcord Active

As with all programs at CHARM, we maintain targeted one to one care from start to finish. MAINTAINING your gains and MAXIMIZING your fitness so you can enjoy what you love - - yoga, Pilates, running, walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, tennis, golf - - with improved muscle balance and reduced risk of re-injury.

The affordable training program is flexible and completely customized to your individual needs.

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You will continue to have access to all levels of Redcord Neurac equipment, NeuFit technology, and one to one expertise and attention… Always.

CHARM is cutting edge in the industry as far as what exercises they prescribe but also what tools they utilize. I specifically reacted well to the combination of Redcord Neurac method and the Neubie device which added direct electrical stimulation. More specifically while performing the exercises this would provide immediate feedback to turn on all the right muscle groups. Thank you very much CHARM for getting back to playing golf and being able to perform all of my normal duties again.

- Jack