What's In A Name?

Center For Healing and Regenerative Medicine

At the core of regenerative medicine is a fundamental truth… The body does the healing.

The Center

Not the doctor, not the medicine, not the therapist, the body alone performs the act of restoration and healing. Dr. Harris and Michele appreciate so deeply this truth they felt “Healing” a critical part of the clinic’s name. The “Center”, defined by the extraordinary clinicians who practice here, assist in both removing the barriers to this healing and providing strategies to open its door. CHARM helps to unlock the body’s healing potential through “Regenerative Medicine” focused on the repair of structural integrity, and restorative therapies focused on the return to optimal physical function. The Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine and all those who work within her walls honor and serve the powerful combination of human structure and function.
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What's In An Image?

CHARM’s logo is a visual representation of the integration of this structure and function housed within the human body. For the strength of a tree begins with the depth of its roots and the stability of its trunk. Yet, without branches that possess full reach to access the sun, and the flexibility to weather the wind and storms of life it would not thrive. We chose to use the strength and flexibility, the stability and reach of the oak tree to illustrate what CHARM hopes to bring each and every patient we have the opportunity to serve.   

What's In A Vision?

By nature visions are dynamic. Time changes the way we see things. But the truth remains undeniable. As CHARM stays committed to the truth that the human body does the healing, our vision is to stay on the cutting edge of all we do. We strive for expertise in state of the art techniques and therapies, perfecting our biologics processing, gaining perspective from trusted colleagues, and sharing our expertise with the next generative of forward thinking healthcare providers.

Our mission is to leave the world better than we found it. We want to bring you, the one who trusts us with your care, into optimal capacity to live out your own roles, responsibilities, desires, and dreams. We will change the world through YOU living your best life within it.

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"Obstacles Are Only The Opportunity When You Have The Truth On Your Side."