Class IV Laser Therapy

Accelerate Healing Through
Increased Cellular Metabolism

Class IV Laser Therapy helps facilitate the optimal healing environment following injury or regenerative medicine procedure. Speeding up recovery and restoring

Benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy

The Science of Class IV Laser Therapy

Low-energy photon irradiation by light in the infrared spectrum has been found to modulate various biological processes in cell culture. This phenomenon of photobiomodulation has been applied clinically in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and the acceleration of wound healing. The mechanism of photobiomodulation at the cellular level has been ascribed to the activation of mitochondrial respiration chain components, resulting in initiation of a cascade that promotes cellular proliferation and cytoprotection.

Class IV therapy lasers supply therapeutic energy in the form of light, which is absorbed by chromophores in the cells. The primary chromophore is cytochrome c oxidase, the terminal enzyme in the respiratory chain. Activating this enzyme increases its rate of reaction, and more adenosine triphosphate (ATP, energy) is produced in weakened or damaged cells. A cascade of beneficial events follows including: improved cellular metabolism, vasodilation and improved blood circulation, reset of resting potential in pain fibers, release of endorphins, stimulation of macrophages fibroblasts, and improved nerve function.

“As a physical therapist and an aging athlete, I have been amazed at the rapid results I have seen with Class IV Laser Therapy. From an acute ankle sprain, to recurrent shoulder instability, to chronic low back pain, the Class IV Laser provides a powerful stand alone tool or the perfect complement to the regenerative medicine  process.”