Corrective Exercise

Maximize Your Longterm Outcome

You are not the VICTIM...

At CHARM our therapists spend intentional time educating and empowering you to be the expert of your own musculoskeletal health. The tools we use to assist your body to release, balance, and build are effective, but your partnership in home follow up and application of proper technique during your own activities and workout routines are what will produce lasting results.

We Are Partners In Your
Musculoskeletal Health

Utilizing A Wide Variety of
Methods & Strategies

Postural Restoration
Motion Release
Egosque Method
Somatic Exercises
Proper Breathing
McKenzie Approach
Alexander Technique
Selective Strengthening
Core Stabilization
Aston Patterning
NeuroKinetic Therapy
Direct Pressure Release

“When I started working with the therapists at CHARM, I was really blown away. I have been working on postural and structural dysfunction for a few years now, and I think CHARM was the only place that really gave me the tools to fix my issues once and for all.”

- Dude

Our therapists take great care to not overburden you with repetitions and sets of off-the-shelf exercises. All programs are tailored to your specific needs and personal goals. You will fully understand the unique importance of every strategy we feel is critical to unlocking your individual potential.