Does an MRI always show the source of pain?
Treatment Options

Why an MRI May Not Reveal the True Source of Your Pain

Patients in pain present to the Center for Healing And Regenerative Medicine (CHARM) every day with a variety of painful complaints that are interfering with …

Redcord Neurac Therapy Rehabilitation
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Perseverance and Balance in Athletic Performance… In Life

A healthy balance is required in all we do from diet, to work, to relationships, to down time, to exercise. But what about a professional athlete or Olympic hopeful, how do they maintain the balance required to persevere in their athletic performance and goals for the long haul?

Conditions Treated

Discover If Your Chronic Elbow Pain Is a Result of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

I was reminded recently of how sever elbow pain caused by ulnar nerve irritation, also known as Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, can be when I saw …

Pre-Natal Exercise Guidelines

Women’s bodies go through fascinating changes during pregnancy. You may feel a little more tired and sleepy during pregnancy, which is completely normal, but experts …

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