Your Team

The team at the Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine consists of musculoskeletal experts in the areas of physical medicine and physical therapy. We are your CHARM team!


We feel strongly about the benefit our Team’s unique combination of structure and functional wisdom of the human body brings to our patient’s outcomes. Under one roof together our team can provide collaborative clinical decision making, and a combination of decades of experience to best serve our patient’s individual needs.

I had struggled with hamstring tendinopathy for three years and pretty much given up on running, and even cycling caused me pain. I had bone marrow stem cell injections followed up with physical therapy using the Redcord neurac Method to treat the many muscle imbalances I had developed from years of training with my injury. Within two weeks, I was feeling better. After a month, I could ride long and do hard group rides without pain. I eventually started running again, and I’m back doing triathlons again. I wish I would have come to CHARM first.”

- Mina