Unlock Your Body's Healing Potential With NeuFit

Join us to experience Neubie by Neufit at CHARM in Austin, TX.

What is NeuFit Therapy?

NeuFit neuromuscular therapy uses direct current your body recognizes as its own to quickly identify the origin of dysfunction, muscle tension, and pain. The Neubie (neuro-bio-electric) stimulation is applied during therapist-guided functional exercise to reduce protective muscle guarding and facilitate proper neuromuscular control. Using the NeuFit method assists in recovery, optimizes athletic performance, and decreases the risk of injury.

NeuFit - From Protection To Potential

The Nervous System Controls Everything!
Functions as diverse as strength, balance, digestion, flexibility, sleep, blood pressure, anxiety, heart rate, elimination, breathing… pain. Let’s begin with the most important part of the nervous system… The brain. The brain has one overarching priority that will override any other desire. That priority is SURVIVAL. We are hardwired for protection.

NeuFit helps shift the body from a state of protection and inhibition to a state of accessibility and potential. We cannot do this by simply asking it to do more and work harder. By accessing the nervous system using the Neubie (Neuro – Bio – Electrical – Stimulation) by Neufit, we can unlock your body’s ability to release abnormal tension, restore proper muscle balance, and build fitness, power, and performance.

Increase range of motion
Increased local blood flow
Increase neuromuscular control
Prevent muscle atrophy
Reduce muscle spasms
Prevent clots following surgery
Manage or relieve chronic pain
Manage pain after trauma / surgery

“After just a couple sessions with the NEUBIE, I experienced drastically increased range of motion, significantly less pain, and a restoration of muscular control that my right shoulder had not felt in years!  For anyone with a persistent lingering injury, pain, or general muscle weakness, I highly recommend CHARM and the NeuFit NEUBIE.”


After a total hip replacement, I also had the challenge of integrating the rehabilitation of a bad ankle sprain that occurred prior to the surgery. Typical therapy was adequate, however I still had muscle weakness, instability and pain that kept me from achieving my desired physical activity level as fast as I wanted. Once NeuFit was incorporated into my treatment, I really began to see gains in my progress. I felt the stability return and was able to maintain it. CHARM and the NEUBIE have been game changers.


Benefits Of The NEUBIE by NeuFit


Inflammation has an electrical charge. These “hot spots” are areas where the body feels threatened and protective. We can identify these areas during a NEUBIE scan to guide our intervention


By changing the input to the nervous system using the direct current of the NEUBIE, we can correct the output to one of more normal functional movement.


Many times our bodies fall back into compensatory patterns that can increase our risk of injury or prolong recovery. Use of the NEUBIE during exercise can help maintain a healthy neuromuscular system.


Sports specific exercise performed under direct current load especially while utilizing Redcord closed chain suspension and rotational challenge can help optimize performance.

The Science of NeuFit

The NEUBIE uses high frequency pulsed direct current (DC) which provides unique effects on the body’s tissues to promote healing and facilitate neuromuscular re education.

Direct current fields have been found to have numerous positive biological effect including the acceleration of the body’s own physiological processes of healing, repair, regeneration, and re- education of the neuromuscular system by affecting reflex patterns, brain activity, muscle output, and pain.

Treatments with the NEUBIE and NeuFit System include reset protocols to decrease sympathetic up-regulation of the nervous system, foot and hand baths for the treatment of arthritis, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis, and through a therapist guided scanning protocol, identify specific areas of abnormal muscle tone or inhibition so we can target the root cause of your muscle imbalance, dysfunction, and pain.”

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