ALINE Precriptive Insoles

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You take 2 million Steps per year...

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How ALINE Works?


ALINE’s patented technology revolutionizes insole design with our suspension zones, ribbed arches, and contour zones. All of the elements work together to align your body from the waist down in order to decrease harmful forces on the feet, knees, and ankles allowing for maximum performance.



Suspension zones allow natural foot motion for alignment, balance, and power.
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Ribbed arch technology under the foot to reduce impact force and keep you aligned and supported for balance during activity. When you slow down and apply less force, the ribs rebound to gently lower your foot for continued support and maintained alignment.


Contour zones guide and stabilize your foot for control and support though its natural path of motion, aligning you from the waist down.
“ALINE prescriptive insoles were developed after twenty years of research into the way feet work. Custom products capture the foot in one shape, standing still. The problem is that for active people, standing still is not how they live. ALINE’s suspension zones allow the hundreds of moving bones, ligaments, and tendons to move the way nature intended, while still being supported.”