Our Commitment

To Unlock Your Body’s Healing and Performance Potential


A life is made up of days, years, and decades of use. During this time, your body undergoes wear, tear, and trauma that often lead to injury, joint degeneration, decreased mobility, and pain. This limits your ability to live life to the fullest or perform at your best.


CHARM exists to be your partner in musculoskeletal health throughout your lifetime. Meeting you right where you are, our goal is to come alongside you until you arrive right where you want to be. We find our purpose in offering dynamic state of the art solutions to assist you in reaching the fullness of capacity and wellness needed to live out your roles, responsibilities, desires, and dreams.


Appreciating fully the human body’s unique blend of structure and function, CHARM’s mission is to bring you the best of regenerative medicine, interventional pain, and neuromuscular re-education techniques to meet your individual needs and goals. Our desire is to build a relationship of honesty and respect from our front office, to our dedicated medical assistants, to our medical and therapy teams as we pour decades of experience into meeting the needs of each patient trusting us in their journey to optimal function or peak performance.


"No Two Stories Are The Same..."