Train More Effectively
Optimize Power & Performance
Reduce Risk of Injury


Sports place significant repetitive stress and demand on the body as you train and compete. Accessing the nervous system with Redcord, NeuFit, and personalized corrective exercise can optimize your ability to recover, train, and perform.

Your body will do what you ask of it, but often at the price of muscle imbalances, compensatory patterns, and asymmetries. Athletes are especially prone to an increased risk of injury because of the asymmetrical nature of most sports, asking the athlete to place more stress on certain joints.

You are only as strong as our weakest link.

To an injured athlete, no truer words were ever spoken. Whether you are a soccer player with a tricky knee, tennis player with a nagging shoulder, or a runner whose hip talks to you by mile three, no matter how well things are going on the track, field, or court, they are only going as well as that weak link will allow.

A Redcord Neurac Weak Link Test can quickly uncover weaknesses in the kinetic chain and help identify specific interventions to optimize muscle balance, performance, and decrease risk of injury in athletes

One on One ... Exercises with Redcord

integrate the kinetic chains of motion with the deep core stabilizers in order to optimize transfer and summation of forces needed for optimal efficiency, strength, and power while reducing the risk of joint compression, strain, and injury.

Identifying The Cause Of Underlying Motor Dysfunction With Neubie By NeuFit.

At CHARM we also utilize the NeuFit Method to identify the underlying cause of motor dysfunction through a direct current threshold tolerance scan seen in the photo on the left. “Hot spots” are areas where the body feels threatened by movement or load. The importance of identifying these areas of inflammation, instability, altered motor control, and restriction during a NEUBIE (Neuro-Bio-Electric) scan is to guide our intervention with greater precision. This can lead to accelerated tissue recovery and more rapid re-establishment of a healthy neuromuscular system.

Quality Over Quantity Leads To A Faster Full Recovery

Improper or compensatory movement patterns can reduce performance, increase risk or recurrence of injury and prolong recovery. Many therapies primarily focus on the quantity of output such as increasing repetitions, duration of exercise, and amount of load. At CHARM we believe strongly that through affecting the input to the nervous system we can more effectively change the quality of the output. Using both the direct current of the NEUBIE and the high proprioceptive stimulation of the Redcord closed chain suspension, we can provide our athletes with an extremely high level of input to the nervous system which can maximize recovery and optimize sports performance.

“As a competitive runner, I always thought I had a strong core, but it surprised me how little I actually use my inner core muscles. The Redcord Neurac® Method has helped me connect with and engage the stabilization muscles that are vital to the sport of running. Now, I’m not overusing muscles that I have in the past. I feel stronger and got significant results in a short period of time.

It was phenomenal!”


“Persistent low back pain that ran down my right leg and thoracic spine tightness with pain in my right shoulder kept me from (triathlon) training. I had tried physical therapy and chiropractic but the thorough combination of Neurac and NeuFit facilitated my progress and alleviated my pain. Physical therapy at CHARM has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to help me continue to get better and return to swimming, running, and cycling.

Get yourself to CHARM!”