Postural Restoration

Optimizing Function Within Your
Natural Asymmetry

PRI therapists appreciate humans move in two ways

Through Breathing And Through Kinetic Chains

Our diaphragm drives these 15,000 to 30,000 life-giving movements a day. Yet through breathing comes another critical function, position of the rib cage, which commands the ceiling structure of our deep core stabilization musculature. Postural Restoration appreciates the intimate relationship between the respiratory diaphragm and the pelvic diaphragm and how improving and integrating this profound relationship can relieve back pain, neck pain, SI joint instability, over all body tension, and athletic performance.

Postural restoration has been pivotal in my quest for good health! I had been to sports medicine doctors, chiropractors, and other physical therapists, and it was not until seeing the therapists at CHARM, that a part of my underlying problem was resolved through keen observation and treatment of my body's misalignment. I no longer have headaches by afternoon everyday. Postural restoration made a world of difference for me.

- Tira

Postural Restoration

Offering The Unique combination of Postural Restoration and the Redcord Neurac Method.

In addition to the movement and stabilization created by our breath, we move in kinetic chains. Walking is one of these inherent human movements. We are the only species that walks and runs in upright and diagonal kinetic chain patterns. This seeming unconscious activity requires complex neuromuscular control, but injury, disuse and misuse can create poor and ineffective patterns. Muscle compensations during walking and running can result in tension, decreased balance, pain, and suboptimal performance.

At CHARM we combine expertise in motion analysis, postural restoration, and identification of these biased and inefficient movement patterns, with closed chain reciprocal suspension exercises in the Redcord Neurac. Using a special attachment to the ropes called an axis and body weight off-loading you can once again regain controlled movement and functional stability within your rotational and reciprocal asymmetry. See More Reviews

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