Non-Surgical Solutions
To Relieve Pain
The Power Of Your Own
Platelets And Stem Cells To Repair Injury
Get Back To Doing
What You Love...Faster

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is a non-surgical treatment approach to resolve pain,

promote tissue repair, and restore function in individuals with musculoskeletal injury, connective tissue instability, and pain. Our cellular biologic therapies, perfected over decades of experience and processed in our in-house lab, use your own Stem Cells from Bone Marrow and Platelet-Rich Plasma from your bloodstream to repair tendon tears, ligament damage, joint instability and wear associated with arthritis and degeneration.

Treatment Options

Relieve Pain

Our goal for you is to reclaim the confidence to do what you love.

CHARM offers a full complement of interventional spine procedures and joint injections to relieve pain and return you to the activities you enjoy. Advanced diagnostic EMG and ultrasound are used to help uncover the underlying cause of your pain and guided fluoroscopic imaging for precision accuracy in targeting the pain generator.

Treatment Options

Commonly Treated Conditions

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