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From Protection To Potential with The NeuFit Method

The nervous system controls everything. The brain’s number one purpose is survival. Using tools like the NeuFit NEUBIE and the Redcord Neurac provides a trained therapist with the ability to release muscle tension, change movement patterns, and decrease pain by changing the input nervous system.

In 2012 when we decided to add the closed kinetic chain, body weight off-loading, suspension exercise method called Redcord Neurac to our Physical Therapy program here at CHARM, we filled an important gap that has successfully improved our patient outcomes. One of the many strengths of the Redcord Method is the ability to take a patient from a place of pain and rehabilitative need to one of improved fitness and many times increased athletic performance. This common thread that runs through these red ropes makes this therapy method not only extremely effective in the care of our patients but frankly just a whole lot of fun to practice every day!

I have been stalking another therapy method for a number of years that can similarly assist a patient through their rehabilitation, fitness, and optimal performance goals. Like the Redcord Neurac, I spent a lot of time doing my own professional and clinical due diligence on the Neufit Method before investing. I found this therapy to be another powerful tool in optimization of the nervous system. So, the therapy team is super excited to introduce the addition of the NEUBIE (Neuro – Bio – Electrical) stimulation by NeuFit to our neuromuscular re-education treatment offerings here at CHARM.


Why is the NEUBIE a perfect fit with the Redcord Neurac method?

Both these methods focus on the use of variable and progressive input to the body in order to affect the output. The most important output of the brain that we focus on is that of pain. The brain has one overarching priority that will override any other desire. That priority is SURVIVAL. When our body feels threatened our brains are hardwired for protection.

*Protection looks like reduction of output  – weakness, apprehension, and limited range of motion.

*Protection looks like abnormal movement patterns, guarding, compensation, and instability.

*Protection sacrifices motor function and performance.

*Protection produces pain. Yes, it is a vicious cycle.

The NEUBIE (NEUro – BIo – Electrical) Stimulation by NeuFit

is a method focused on producing progressive input to the neuromuscular system using a direct current that mimics the body’s own neurological signal sent when we move. Treatments include reset protocols to decrease sympathetic up-regulation of the nervous system, foot and hand baths for the treatment of arthritis, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis. At the heart of the method is a therapist guided scanning protocol used to identify areas of the body that feel threatened, helping us uncover underlying dysfunction. We can then use the progressive direct current of the NEUBIE with precision during exercise. As the body no longer perceives movement as threatening, we can see pain relief, release of abnormal muscle tension, reestablishment of proper movement patterns, and restoration of function, fitness, power, and performance.

Redcord coupled with Neubie

When we couple the NEUBIE with the closed kinetic chain, body weight off-loaded Redcord Neurac suspension exercises, we can offer a very powerful combination. The goal is always to shift your body from a state of protection and inhibition to a state of accessibility and potential. Once there we can help optimize your rehabilitation, fitness, and performance!

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