Patient athlete testimony

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I am a competitive cyclist and triathlete. By the time I came to CHARM, I had pretty much given up on running, and even cycling caused me pain. I had struggled with hamstring tendinopathy for three years. I had tried physical therapy, chiropractic, Graston technique, ART, prolotherapy and dry needling. I had even done a few PRP sessions with another provider in Austin. The PRP sessions enabled me to ride without too much pain, but long rides and hard rides still hurt; and running was out the question. 

In February of 2016, I had a stem cell injection from Dr. Ben Rawson. I followed up the stem cell treatment with physical therapy with Michele Harris using the Redcord Neurac Method.  Within two weeks, I was feeling better.  After a month, I could ride long and do hard group rides without pain. I eventually started running again, and I’m back doing triathlons again. I’m up to running 14 miles without pain! The physical therapy sessions help me to treat the many muscle imbalances I had developed from years of training with my injury. 

I wish I had gone to CHARM first. I’d have saved myself a lot of frustration, time, and money. 

Mina Pizzini

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