GET A GRIP with your Hand and Wrist Pain

You use your hands throughout the day, for work and for play. Pain in the wrist, thumb and fingers can interfere with almost every daily activity. As we grow older and have different sports-related incidents, the joints, ligaments and tendons can become stretched out, strained, and weakened. Some patients have rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions which cause chronic degeneration of these same structures.


Most hand and finger pain is associated with degenerative changes which accumulate throughout your lifetime, causing pain in these structures. There is generally some degree of tissue breakdown every day, and then your tissues attempt to self-repair every night while you sleep. Thankfully, the joints, ligaments and tendons are designed to be able to heal for many years, even with substantial trauma and general wear and tear.


There are numerous joints in the wrists and hands that provide mobility, grip strength, and dexterity. The strength of our hands is generated from many muscles and tendons that originate in the forearms and around the elbow. The complex arrangement of the structures can make it difficult at times to determine the source of the pain. Repetitive strain injury to these structures can cause aching, weakness, and grip problems.


Some people experience numbness, tingling and weakness in their hands which can reflect the well-known “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”. This classically involves nerve compression, but many cases of wrist pain are not caused by this. Sometimes surgery is the best treatment for nerve compression at the wrist. There are many ligaments and tendons that can produce these types of symptoms, throughout the shoulder blades, shoulders and along the arms, as well as the hands and wrists. A thorough examination by an experienced practitioner who understands nerve compression as well as ligament and tendon pain can help you determine the source of the pain. Electrodiagnostic testing and diagnostic ultrasound can help to sort out the degree of nerve injury.


Fortunately, hand and wrist pain does not need to be a losing battle against time. Many joint, ligament, and tendon problems can be treated without surgery using Regenerative Medicine / Prolotherapy. Injections of growth factors including Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) will stimulate repair of the damaged connections. The platelets in your bloodstream and cells and proteins in BMAC contain a vast assortment of growth factors which normally serve to repair your aches and pains, and these can be directly placed into the painful areas of your body to stimulate growth and strengthening for areas that have not fully healed through the normal processes of repair.


Physical Therapy in conjunction with growth factor injections throughout these areas can strengthen the system to support your connections better and provide stability to a weakened ligamentous system. Specific exercises guide the forces that re-align your ligaments and joint structures while they heal during growth factor injection therapy of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate. With a combination of growth factor treatment and a well-designed exercise program, you can return to golf, tennis, weight-lifting, yoga, pilates, or your other normal life activities without the hand and wrist pain that has been limiting you.


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