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Damaged Skin


Everyone loves the summer time with relaxing lake days and long late sunsets but too much sun can result in dark spots and premature aging. Now that we are into the fall and winter seasons it’s time to shed the damaged dead skin for a healthy glow. It is also a great time to do the more invasive treatments that we shy away from when we are sporting tank tops and shorts. 

            Microneedling:  Resurfacing Treatment 

Microneedling uses a micro pen with 12 tiny needles that creates controlled, superficial micro-injuries which tighen up pores and cause production of collagen and elastin. It also helps breakup scar tissue from acne scars, wrinkles and textural issues making this one of the most sought after anti-aging and correcting treatments. After some topical numbing cream the appointment should take about 30 minutes. It has a few hours of reddness followed by 2-3 days of downtime with some possible peeling revealing baby fresh skin.

            Photo Facials: Flawlessness

Photo Facials or IPL’s are intense pulsed light that targets pigment issues  such as brown spots, sun damage and red spots and rosacea. These treatments can be used all over the body not just the face. After first session the skin will feel hot for a few hours, then over the course of the next week the hyperpigmentation will look like coffee grounds and then flake off leaving bright flawless skin. The amount of treatments will differ on skin type and goals. Normally 3 -6 treatments are recommended. 

            Chemical Peels: Fresh Complexion

Chemical peels are a staple classic treatment to shed old dead damaged skin, kill acne causing bacteria and  tighten pores. There is always new technology with skin care and the same is true with chemical peels. Metabolic peels have smart ingredients so instead of burning the top layers of skin off the face they work down into the deeper layers of skin for a faster cell turnover rate. The flaking off and shedding of dead skin doesn’t start happening until day 2 or 3. So the down time can be anywhere from 7-14 days. It is important to follow post care instructions for best results. 

            At Home Care: Consistency Is Key

The at home skin care regimen is one of the most important steps in achieving great healthy skin. Consistently applying great ingredients to the body’s largest organ, the skin, twice a day for four- six weeks can reveal beautiful healthy skin. Everyone should team up with a skincare professional to discuss your concerns, skin goals and treatment plan. The skin cell turns over every 30 days so it should take about that long to determine if you and your skin are benefiting from your product. Two rules of thumb I follow are: 1. Always apply products in an upward motion, fighting gravity and penetrating skin deeper by going against peach fuzz. 2. Apply products from thinnest to thickest. 

            Taking good care of your skin health daily will save you time and money in the long run. All of the treatments mentioned here are fabulous result driven steps to bring you closer to your best skin ever…but please support your investment by using a consistent regimen and reapplying SPF daily.

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