The Ultimate Wedding Beauty Timeline

Aside from organizing the wedding itself, you should have a game plan for looking radiant months before you walk down the aisle. We know that focusing on yourself during this busy time is nearly impossible, so here is a timeline to help keep you on track.   

8-12 months before

  • Schedule a trip to your favorite med spa to troubleshoot your current complexion issues. Now is also the time to get serious about a good skin care regimen.  Exfoliation scrubs, skin brighteners, retinols…what is right for you?

  • Have you ever thought about not having to shave or wax? Laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair in the underarms, bikini area and legs permanently!  It usually takes about 6 treatments, a treatment once a month, so start now and ditch your razor for the honeymoon!

  • Every woman wants to look good in her dress on that special day, and focusing on healthy eating habits and a regular workout routine can go a long way towards meeting your goals. For those stubborn areas of fat like abdomen and flanks or inner and outer thighs, consider a body contouring laser such as Sculpsure.  It’s best to start early though, as it takes about 6-12 weeks to see results, and more than one treatment may be needed.

6-8 months before

  • Have you tried Botox?  It is an optimal treatment to make any forehead lines and brow furrows vanish. If you are a first timer, book your first treatment 6 months out. Botox treatment effects usually last 3-4 months so if you like the results, you can return for a second treatment a month before the wedding. If you don’t the effects will have worn off before the big day.

  • Non Ablative fractional laser is a great way to improve the texture of skin, tighten the skin and reduce fine wrinkles, and remove discolorations. The best part? There’s no down time with this treatment. For optimal results, you should plan on a series of three treatments spaced apart by one month each.

  • Do your brows need rehabilitation?  This is the time to grow them out or to consider microblading. 

  • Schedule your initial hair and makeup consultations, and fine-tune your cut and color.  This is not the time for an impulse bob!  Keep it simple and natural and incorporate a weekly deep-conditioning mask into your hair routine from here on out. 

2-5 months before

  • Photofacials (IPL) and chemical peels are use to reduce redness from Rosacea or blemishes and the appearance of sun spots and to give your skin a fresh glow.  It usually takes 3 treatments spread about one month apart so you should plan to start about four months ahead of your wedding.

  • Book your hair appointments, including trims and color touch ups every 8 weeks leading up to your big day.  If you have a favorite stylist, get these booked asap! Schedule your final hair and makeup trials and appointments too!  

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