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Dana Torres, mom, acupuncturist and marathon runner came to the Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine after experiencing significant tightness in her back, ribcage and abdominal muscles, which lingered for weeks following a viral infection and severe coughing. Dana said…

I tried numerous therapies but the pain would not go away, and I could not run like I needed to in order to train. I was referred to Michele for the Neurac® Method by my chiropractor.

The Redcord® / Neurac® Method is a pain-free, closed-kinetic-chain, suspension therapy. NEURAC® is short for NEURomuscular ACtivation. The magic is in the ability to off-load the body using a system of bungee cords and slings in order to quiet what are called “global” muscles, so we can activate the deeper stabilization system. When we have pain, there is always altered neuromuscular control; the right muscles are not working at the right time or in the right amount. This appears as increased tension, limited range of motion, muscle fatigue and pain.

The first goal is to access the deep stabilization system effectively. This is done by literally off-loading the body. Once the global system is quieted, the stabilizers can remember their role. From this stable base of control we can begin to build proper motor patterns again. According to Dana…

The Neurac® Method is very different from other types of PT that I have tried. Each exercise is done suspended in slings while the therapist constantly cues and teaches you how to engage correctly. It’s full body integration.

Dana’s initial pain was resolved after just a few sessions, but then she shared other nagging pain that held back her running performance. We completed Weak Link Testing and quickly found the area of kinetic chain break down that was causing dysfunction and treated it. Why so quick? Because this is not about strengthening weak muscles, this is about turning the right muscles within the chain back on, and Dana loved her results:

At the Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine we have proudly offered the Redcord® / Neurac® Method since 2012, giving us the freedom to treat patients from a very low functional level all the way through elite athletes in a pain-free and effective way.

Dana completed her 5th Boston marathon on April 17th. Congratulations Dana! We are so honored to be a partner in that success. 

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