Safe Pain Treatment Alternatives with Regenerative Medicine

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Dr. David Harris, founder and Medical Director/physician at CHARM, was invited by Dr. Lindsey Berkson to discuss safe pain treatment alternatives on Dr. Berkson’s Best Health Radio Podcast. Check it out below after the written introduction by Dr. Berkson.

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Looking for Safe Options for Severe Pain

When you are in severe pain what are your safest pain treatment options?
How do you not become worse down the road from short-term fixes?
Consider regenerative medicine.

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My Personal Experience

A few months ago, I was supposed to fly from Austin, Texas to Houston to give an 8-hour continuing medical education, all-day class, for physicians.

But a few days before all this, I woke up with my right leg so, in pain, I could not walk let alone stand!

I called Dr. David Harris, a Board-Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Board-Certified Pain Medicine specialist, who specializes in safe regenerative procedures and pain treatment options.

Usually, Dr. Harris is booked for up to 9 months, but there was an atypical cancellation.

Most patients would get a steroid epidural. But as we age, we get more complicated. As I have shared before, I have an eye condition that cannot handle steroids.

Thus, Dr. Harris, a pain “whisperer” (but all based in science), created a safer alternative epidural made of ozone, B12, sterile homeopathic Traumel, with a dash of steroid.

I was then able to fly, stand and lecture all day, and go on to live my regular life without pain or disability.

It all happened at Dr. Harris’s clinic called “Charm”: The Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine. They provide “non-surgical” answers for pain treatment that help joints heal without making them worse in the long run, as repetitive steroid treatments have now been shown to do. (If you watch this interview on YouTube, that’s the table where it happened.)

Charm Offers Safe Non-Surgical Alternatives For Injury And Pain Treatment

Dr. David K. Harris is a physiatrist in Austin, Texas. Physiatrists are physicians who specialize in helping patients with disabilities. Without surgery. Their focus is rehabilitation, restoration of function, and a return to a high quality of life.

The clinic offers prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, and stem cell injections. Dr. Harris’s wife is a physical therapist, so this is one-stop shopping. Their PA, Michelle Hall is a superb practitioner, too.

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I witnessed first-hand how helpful this medicine can be. Ten years ago I referred a 60-year-old man with half his rotator cuff missing, who had not been able to move his arm for 6 months. All other doctors insisted that his only option was to have surgery. Shoulder surgery is not for the faint of heart. With very long recovery times.

Dr. Harris, avoiding surgery, performed his special medical regenerative injections. Within three months, that man’s shoulder was as good as new and continues to be up to today. All without painful, expensive surgery or drugs.

There are only about 187 doctors nationally who do what Dr. Harris has learned to do, and many of these doctors have been trained by Dr. Harris.

Got pain? Consider regenerative medicine and the Charm clinic in Austin, Texas.

Berkson is a compassionate, science based thought leader in hormones, nutrition and nutritional gastroenterology. She has been practicing and teaching functional nutrition for over 3 decades and has been a respected teacher of CMEs to doctors of all professions (MDs, NDs, DCs, acupuncturists, nutritionists and the public). She has written almost 25 books on diverse aspects of health.

Berkson’s mission is to teach the science of how hormones lean on nutrition which leans on digestion. She is a specialist in assessing your “weakest links” on any of these levels (hormones, nutrition, digestion, lifestyle and thoughts), which often allows you to get over disease, off meds, and dare to hope to be extremely well, even in the 2nd half of your life. She is also available as an inspiring speaker.

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