Physical Therapy at CHARM – Season of Gratitude


This fall has been a very exciting one for the Physical Therapy Department at CHARM. I am so pleased to formally announce the addition of two exceptional clinicians to the CHARM team. Lina Padegimaite and Angel Young, both earned their Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Texas State University, and joined us late this summer. This is especially sweet because Texas State is my alma mater, but these two Ladies bring so much more to the gym at CHARM than their physical therapy licenses.

Lina grew up in Lithuania and moved to the United States at the age of 18 in order to represent Women’s Tennis at the University of Texas at Austin. Lina was treated while back in Europe using the Redcord Neurac method for a shoulder injury, and when she heard that CHARM has been using Redcord since 2012 she pursued a clinical rotation here to broaden her knowledge and skills. Through her journey from competitive tennis player to Doctor of Physical Therapy, Lina has learned what it takes to overcome injuries and empower her patients to unlock their healing potential. Read more about Lina on her CHARM bio.

Angel’s interest of physical therapy stems from her personal battle with chronic pain and her experience as a dancer and yoga practitioner which have affirmed to her the power of movement to heal the body and mind. I worked with Angel as well during a clinical internship at CHARM and had the opportunity to experience her talent with patients and confidence pulling Redcords. She has also worked in international finance, organic farming, and the non-profit Truth Be Told. Learn more about Angel’s breadth of experiences on the CHARM team page.

I could write pages about these two women, their backgrounds, their education, their intelligence, their drive, their clinical expertise and wisdom, but what really stands out as I listen to them hour after hour with their patients is their intuitive natures and compassion. Lina and Angel both have the ability to meet their patients where they need to be met in order to begin the healing process. They have the ability to then gently lead and educate the people they serve to reach their optimal potential. They both have this gift… They are a healing presence. But make no mistake, if you are a competitive athlete they can unravel your faulty movement patterns, address your compensations, and kick your rear as needed to reduce your risk of getting injured and maximize your performance on the field, court, or track.

The close of another year is always a time for reflection. When I look back on my own career as a collegiate gymnast, birth of three sons, struggle with pain, recovery through movement, and Dr. Dave and I’s journey with CHARM, I see clearly how these two women have completed our extraordinary team. As we enter the season of Christmas, all I feel is gratitude for the gifts in front of me.

Thank you Lina and Angel.

All my Respect, Michele


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