How to Prevent Crow's Feet

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The wrinkles that develop in the corners of the eyes are one of the first, and most common, visible signs of the aging. 

Everyday facial expressions are the main contributors to crow’s feet making them largely unavoidable. Tiny muscle contractions that occur as we smile and laugh cause crow’s feet to settle around the eyes. Other factors such as environmental pollutants, sun exposure and smoking all weaken collagen and elastin. When depleted, the skin loses its elasticity and tiny lines become more pronounced.

Sun protection is your first line of defense. A quality, clinical grade sunscreen won’t irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes. A customized series of chemical peels would be your second method of treating and defending against these stubborn lines. Peels give the skin increased clarity and an overall youthful appearance. Third, daily use of a moisturizing eye cream with Vitamin C and other antioxidants will help keep the fragile area around the eyes hydrated.

What if you already have crow’s feet? It’s never too late! The easiest fix for crow’s feet is a neuromodulator injection like Botox® to help soften the look of wrinkles around the eyes. Once corrected, following the prevention steps is key to maintaining and preventing future damage. 

Continue with sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and apply a physician-grade eye cream with anti-aging properties daily. Consult with your med spa to see if Botox injections are a good solution for you. 



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