Happy Anniversary – Celebrating 10 Years of CHARM

CHARM 10 year anniversary party

10 Years is a special anniversary!

As I’ve been reflecting on this 10 Year Anniversary, I’ve been reminiscing about all of the “firsts”. I remember meeting Dr. Harris and Michele for the first time when they shared their dream of CHARM. I remember working on our first building on Creekbluff Drive to get us ready for opening. I remember the first staff that we hired. I remember our first team holiday party. I remember the first time walking through our current building at Riverplace. It has been quite a journey with so many wonderful memories!

We’ve had so many amazing people that we’ve had pass through the hallways, from physicians and physical therapists to medical assistants and administrative staff. They’ve all played significant roles to help us get to this 10 year anniversary.

These are members of the original group that came together all those years ago and are still with us today!

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Dr. David Harris, Michele Harris, Carrie Kass, Michelle Hall, Melanie And Erin – Charm Originals!

We’ve had some staff move away or chase other career paths. Some have gone on to medical school or P.A. school. Through CHARM we’ve built some strong friendships and relationships that will always remain strong.

Charm 10 Year Anniversary Party
Past And Present Staff: Callie, A Former Medical Asst Who Is Now Doing Her Residency In Medical School; Carrie, Director Of Operations And Business Development; Erin, Clinical Coordinator

CHARM 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

CHARM recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a staff outing at Oasthouse. We laughed, we reminisced and shared stories, we welcomed new members to the team, and we maybe even cried a bit (I won’t tell you who!) The thing that stood out the most is how proud we are of what we do and how honored we all are to be a part of such a friendly, caring, loving group of people.

Shauntel, one of CHARM’s Medical Assistants says “CHARM is by far the BEST place I’ve ever worked! Dr. Harris’s love and passion for what he does and compassion for his patients shows daily. It is an honor to work alongside him.”

Michele Harris also welcomed her Physical Therapy team, present and past. Misty, Gwen and Lina will always be a part of the CHARM family!

CHARM 10 Year Anniversary – We’re Not Stopping Here

Throughout these 10 years, CHARM’s commitment has always been to help unlock your body’s healing and performance potential. CHARM exists to be your partner in musculoskeletal health throughout your lifetime. Meeting you right where you are, our goal is to come alongside you until you arrive right where you want to be. We find our purpose in offering dynamic state of the art solutions to assist you in reaching the fullness of capacity and wellness needed to live out your roles, responsibilities, desires, and dreams.

Appreciating fully the human body’s unique blend of structure and function, CHARM’s mission is to bring you the best of regenerative medicine, interventional pain, and neuromuscular re-education techniques to meet your individual needs and goals. Our desire is to build a relationship of honesty and respect from our front office, to our dedicated medical assistants, to our medical and therapy teams as we pour decades of experience into meeting the needs of each patient trusting us in their journey to optimal function or peak performance.

Being a patient at CHARM is a unique experience. Every individual is treated just as that – an individual. Our practitioners will take significant time with you to understand your injury and pain concerns, but also to help uncover other variables that may be affecting your health, well-being, and capacity to heal. We care for people of all ages, whether your goal is to walk to the mailbox without debilitating pain, resolve a stubborn and recurrent injury, or optimize your athletic performance. Our mission is to partner with you to eliminate your pain, improve your mobility, and maximize your health, healing, and physical potential.

“What I love most about CHARM is the unique and individualized treatment that all our practitioners provide. There are no “standard” treatment approaches. As such, patients receive top notch, cutting edge care.” – Catherine Madsen, DPT, PT at CHARM

What’s in a Vision?

“As Dr Dave and I reflect on 10 years of growth within the Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine, I am drawn to the fact that success in healing requires being tied to the truth. That excellence requires staying focused on your vision. And that manifestation requires surrounding yourself with great tools and even greater people.

Charm 10 Year Anniversary Party
Dr. Harris And Michele – Our Fearless Leaders!

After this, something completely outside of the control of any one individual must occur. Something intangible and sacred that is held squarely within the spirit of the team. I feel CHARM has been blessed with all these things, so that we can in turn bring them to our patients who trust us with their care. We are beyond grateful.” – Michele Harris

Happy Anniversary, CHARM, and to everyone who has been a part of the success! Cheers to 10 years and many more.

The Charm Team

Director of Operations and Business Development

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