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ALINEs – A Critical Link in the Chain of Stability and Performance

At CHARM – the Center for Healing and Regenerative Medicine – we take the strength of the entire kinetic chain very seriously.

From stabilizing the integrity of tendons, ligaments, and the joint capsule through #prolotherapy, #PRP (platelet rich plasma), and #stem cell therapies, to restoration of normal movement patterns using the close chain, body weight supported, suspension method called #NEURAC – NEURomuscular ACtivation, to full appreciation of when the rubber meets the road with #ALINE prescriptive insoles, each link in the kinetic chain is vitally important for maximal power, protection from injury, and ultimate performance.

We have witnessed time and again how these three therapies work so successfully together – here is one simple example.

Phil came to us with progressive right lower lateral leg pain (outside of the leg extending from the knee to the ankle) while golfing. The pain limited his game. The strain and compensatory motor patterns had gone on for some time so the following combination of treatment strategies were employed.

  1. Decreased stability of the connective tissue and supportive structures of the lateral ankle and peroneal tendon led to the recommendation of regenerative medicine using prolotherapy or PRP.

  2. Assessment and use of ALINE prescriptive insoles to keep him from constantly hyper-pronating followed by compensatory over supination and strain on the lateral ankle structures.

  3. Addressing the root cause of the long lever arm muscle compensation and strain through closed kinetic chain restoration of the lateral line. Specifically, re-activation of the gluteus medius on the right side to improve hip stability and lower extremity function utilizing the Redcord – Neurac Method.

None of these three therapies used alone would yield the rapid success that we see when used together.

Because we all know… We are only as strong as our weakest link.

ALINEs – – One of CHARM’s critical links in the chain of stability and performance – –

Will change your game!

For more information visit www.charmaustin.com

And www.aline.com

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