When to take the PLUNGE on Fillers



When consulting with my MedSpa patients there are one or two comments made that

ring a true concern for most people.

1.) “I don’t want to look fake or weird.”

2.)”I want to look like a restful, better version of myself.”

To put their minds at ease I always explain my process of treatment, show them my professional portfolio before and after pictures and discuss, in detail, their hesitations and realistic expectations. Let’s break down and understand what fillers are, do, cost and their results.


Juvederm is an injectable that is a colorless hyaluronic acid gel that temporarily adds volume to facial tissue. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the body’s natural sugar, and the role of HA in the skin is to deliver nutrients and hydrate the skin by holding in water and acting like a cushioning agent. Anesthetic (lidocaine) helps to improve comfort of the injection. Vycross Technology produces an efficiently and tightly cross-linked gel, which contributes to its lift capacity and duration.


Each type of Juvederm has a different consistency meant for different regions of the face and severity of folds and wrinkles. Knowing how much filler you will need to achieve the results you want requires an in-person consultation with your injector.


The cost of each syringe can vary between $550-$850, so a treat to complete could cost an *estimated average* of $2500 and last anywhere from 10-24 months with little to no downtime. The fillers can be carefully and artfully placed exactly where you desire smoothing, lift or volume, and you can see immediate results. On the flip side, the average surgical full facelift cost is around $15,000-$20,000 and comes with significant downtime. The healing process may take months, and it may take a

while for you to see your desired results.


Face- Map Guide for Juvederm

VOLUMA: Lift and enhance cheeks; 2 finger facelift; lost elasticity in lower face/ jowls.

VOLLURE: Nasolabial folds; corners of the mouth; “11 lines” between brows (glabella)

ULTRA PLUS: Lip plumping; folds around mouth (marionette lines)

ULTRA: Chin enhancement; non-surgical rhinoplasty; folds around the mouth.

VOLBELLA: Smooths vertical lip lines around mouth; smooths lines in the mouth; sunken temples; “11 lines” (glabella)


Keep in mind that certain factors will burn your fillers off faster, so every individual’s duration results may be different.

  • Individuals that work out often burn a lot of calories and tend to have a higher metabolism. This may cause you to burn through your filler and Botox® faster.

  • Numerous studies have shown that exposure to ultraviolet radiation found in sunlight degrades the hyaluronic acid contained in Juvéderm.

  • Diet matters! Eating processed foods and sugary sweets increases inflammation which speeds up the metabolic process.

  • Stress can create cortisol, stress hormones in the body, affecting the aging process and interfering with filler lifespan.

Be sure to schedule maintenance appointments. Touch up filler treatments will extend your results and will be less costly over time.


Juvederm fillers can help improve self confidence by adding a youthful plumping to the skin, disguise a surgical scar, or balance uneven lip shape. Everyone has a different concern or issue to address but after consulting with a professional injectionist, taking the plunge won’t seem scary. In fact, it can be fun to invest in yourself and refreshing to find options that are within your budget!





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