Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

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The term  “Spring Cleaning” is  popular this  time of year. It is time to do a makeover of our homes, wardrobes and selves. It is when we get to store away the bulky winter coats and open the drawer that has all of last year’s shorts and tank tops. Some might be out of style or stretched out beyond repair… so we haul off the old to make room for the new. The same needs to be done with our makeup bags and the skincare products piling up under the bathroom sink! Different seasons and weather call for different skincare regimens.

Recently, Netflix ‘Tidying Up’ star Marie Kondo has been inspiring people to let go of material objects that are not beneficial and potentially harmful. She is encouraging everyone to let go and move on to less cluttered lives, much like I am going to here! 

Are you holding on to an impulse purchase cosmetic because  you  used  it  once  in  2014  and  you  might  wear  it again?  Or are you keeping a three year old night cream because it is only half used and was painfully expensive?  Such decisions are never going to benefit the health or look of your skin.  Expired cosmetics and skincare products work less efficiently and can also damage the skin. Consistency of the products change, and active ingredients become compromised.  Inflammation, redness, breakouts, swelling and infection can be a few of the effects from using soiled skincare and bacteria infested products.

Every product has a shelf life of a few months to a few years from the PAO= Period After Opening. Marking products with a sharpie of the date opened is a good habit to get into. If you have to question how long something has been lurking in your cabinet, chances are you should throw it out. Risking a breakout or fungal infection on your face will not be worth it!  Some tips to remember:

          *Liquid or emollient textured products get contaminated a lot faster than powders.

          *If it has a funky smell or different color than when you bought it, toss it.

          *Cleaning brushes and sponges should be normal monthly maintenance. Washing and                        disinfecting brushes is an important step to keeping healthy skin. Make sure you allow air                to circulate 360 degrees around damp brushes, hanging them over the edge of your                          vanity or bathroom sink. Laying them flat on a clean towel will not allow the center to dry,                potentially causing mold and bacteria to grow which will eventually be distributed onto you              skin all while spreading to your palettes and powders.

          *Wipe down the inside of your makeup bag with antibacterial wet wipes every 1-2 months.

          *Throw out and replace sponges.

Here is a Cheat Sheet for when to make it a DITCH DAY:


Mascara= 3 months

Cream, liquid or stick foundations = 6-12 months

Powdered products (blush, bronzers, pressed powder)= 2-3 years

**Soaking pressed powders and palettes in isopropyl alcohol and allowing to fully dry before use will help keep bacteria levels down, thus improving the shelf life. It will not, though, keep the pigment intensity from fading.

Lipstick, lip pencils= 2 years

Lip gloss or stain (liquid) =6 months


Cleansers= 12 months

Toners=6-12 months

AHA/BHA exfoliates= 12 months

Moisturizers or serums =12 months

Lip treatments, balms = 6-8 months

Now that you have fresh products, what else can you do for you skin heading into spring and summer? 


The perfect time to get a facial is the start of every season. Our skin needs to be equipped for the variances between heaters and air conditioners, season allergies, and ski vacations versus beach vacations.   We see our skin everyday so it might be harder to notice the environmental effects, but an aesthetician will detect all skin issues and give you the tools to keep your skin healthy and glowing. 


Winter seems to leave our skin dull and dry. Yes, even Austin’s winter.  When spring hits, we tend to be more active and often times sweaty. If the exfoliation step gets skipped, all of the dry dead skin cells will remain on the surface of the skin leading to enlarged pores, blackheads and deeper creases or wrinkles. One of my favorite exfoliating masks is Pure Enzymes by Cosmedix. It has antioxidants from cranberries, and the enzymes act like Pac Man eating away the built up dead skin and impurities.  Speak to an aesthetician about an exfoliating mask or product that is right for you. 


It is so important to keep yourself hydrated, and the truth will come out…on your face. If the appearance of skin around your eyes is a concern, 4 out of 5 times it is due to dehydration. Drinking an appropriate amount of water is just as important as what you apply on your skin!  Always use a moisturizer as it forms a topical barrier of hydration on your skin to hold in water. I find that most people typically need a heavier moisturizer in the colder seasons but can switch to a lighter one in the spring.  My favorite warm weather moisturizer is Mystic by Cosmedix. It is a refreshing light spray that can be used even by those who have oily or acneic and can be applied under makeup or spritzed as a refresher throughout the day. 

Remember that your pores open more in the warmer weather and therefore will absorb more product.  Do your SPRING CLEANING and make sure that you are putting new, healthy products and makeup on your skin!  


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