You will have smoother, silkier skin in just a few short treatments!

Safe, Comfortable, & Permanent Laser Hair Removal

With your busy schedule, the last thing you want to worry about each day is getting rid of unwanted body hair. Fortunately, the aesthetic team at CHARMedSpa has just the solution: laser hair removal with Cynosure® Palomar Icon®. With just a few short treatments, you can have smoother, silkier skin in no time. Find out if you’re a candidate for laser hair removal by booking a consultation.


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Laser hair removal works by destroying hair follicles, which are responsible
for new hair growth. As the follicles heat up, their natural growth process stops and the hair is destroyed. Eventually, treated hair falls out on its own, about two weeks after treatment. After the shedding process, treated hair grows back. But with each laser hair removal treatment you have, hair comes back lighter and finer. Over time, treated hair stops growing back altogether, leaving beautiful, naturally smooth skin behind.

Laser hair removal with Icon is so advanced that more men and women are candidates than ever before. It’s still true that laser hair removal is most effective if you have light skin and dark hair. But you may still be a candidate for laser hair removal if you have:

  • Tanned skin
  • Dark skin
  • Fine or light hair

The best way to know if laser hair removal is right for you is to schedule a consultation at CHARMedSpa and have our aesthetic specialist evaluate your skin and hair. If for some reason laser hair removal isn’t right for you, the team also offers clinical-grade body waxing services, so you can still get the smooth skin you want.  

Yes! Laser hair removal is permanent, although there are some things you should know before getting started. For instance, sometimes hair is stubborn. You might have to continue shaving occasionally after laser hair removal. This is why laser hair removal is often referred to as “laser hair reduction” instead.

Women also need to be aware that hormonal fluctuations, particularly during pregnancy, can stimulate new hair growth. Don’t panic if you start seeing new hair growing in the treatment area. You can always come back to CHARMedSpa for touch-up treatments as needed.

Laser hair removal is most effective when hair is in the active growth stage, known as the anagen phase. Because every single hair in your body is at a different point in the overall growth cycle, you’re going to need multiple treatments to increase your likelihood of targeting hairs in the anagen phase.

The laser hair removal team at CHARMedSpa offers personalized packages. Most men and women need about 6-8 treatments, each 2-6 weeks apart, to achieve noticeably smoother skin.

* Individual results may vary.

Patient Resources

New & Existing Patient Info Sheets

Laser Hair Removal Information Sheet

Are you tired of unwanted annoying hair in places you wish you finally didn't have any? Download our detailed laser hair removal treatment information sheet here:

Laser Hair Removal After Care Guidelines

If you have recently undergone our laser hair removal treatment therapy? Download our short term after care information sheet here:
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