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Working 20 years in the beauty industry I have picked up a few tricks from all the wedding makeup gigs, salon and medspa jobs, massage and skincare training.  Plus I have a brilliant artist hair stylist bestie. I want to share a few of them with you, and I hope you can say “Wow, I learned something new today”.

#1 This one is for the crier at weddings aka mom, maid of honor or the bride herself. Everyone is professionally polished so don’t ruin your photographed face at the beginning of the special day with running mascara or smudged foundation. Wrap a small piece of tissue, a hankie or even TP around your pointer finger hidden in your bouquet. As you feel the tears of joy building up, press your finger firmly into the inner corner of your eye absorbing the water from the tear duct before it runs down your face.

#2 Apply mascara after eyeshadow using a business card to shield your lids and under your eyes. Jiggling the wand at the base of the lash-line, trapping the lashes in between will also help reduce any mascara clumps.

#3. Eye cream should be applied with a light tapping motion around the orbital BONE, not the skin directly under the eye. I am guilty of it too sometimes because I want to put the cream directly on the dark puffy circles to banish them, but no need. The skin will absorb the beneficial ingredients from your product without the chance of A) getting it in your eye; B) Irritating or chafing the delicate skin; or C) Building up too much “residue” from ingredients, almost always leading to sensitivity, inflammation or milia (cluster of calcium deposits that look like a white head that don’t go away without extraction from a lancet from a professional).

#4 Deodorant applied to inner thighs will prevent chafing.

#5 Always apply face products in an upward motion starting with your face wash,ending with night creams, and everything in between. This will help battle father time and gravity. Getting in the habit ASAP will pay off.

#6 SPF levels don’t really matter. It’s the amount of reapplying that prevents sun damage, especially if you’re outdoor adventuring. Reflect SPF#30 by Cosmedix is a refreshing blessing for all. It is a 100% natural water based sunscreen. Shake before using and reapply this hydrating light mist over makeup, during a golf game or on the newborn baby.

#7 Microdermal needling is back by popular demand. It is a great natural medspa procedure to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scars….but did you know it can also be used to treat stretch marks, cellulite and diminish ink from permanent makeup and tattoos? It will also help expand the life of previous botox and fillers.

#8 Only pop a pimple when fresh out of the shower.  Use a sterile needle and insert it sideways into the blemish, giving an exit route for the infection rather than ripping through tissue causing possible scarring and breakouts.

#9 With gloves, apply self tanning products to the scalp of your head if you have thinning, fine hair or notice balding spots overnight. Not ideal for blondes, but they can’t have ALL the fun.

#10 Use the back of your hand as a palette for skin care products. There are less pores than the palm of your hand to absorb expensive serums and creams.  When you’re done rub the back of your hands together to absorb excess residue, giving you a hand treatment. My mom always says “You can tell a woman’s age by her neck, décolleté and the back of the hands.”

I hope one or many of these little tidbits of information taught you something new today!


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