Climb Any Mountain


Thank you, Jordan, for this incredible and heartwarming note and testimony.  We are happy to share the results of #prolotherapyAustin and #RedcordAustin with others.

“Hey there!  

I’m just dropping a line, saying “hi” and saying how much I really appreciate all that CHARM has done for me. 

Attached you’ll find two photos from a hike I took this morning. 

I ascended my first mountain today in Austria with my hosts. Although nervous still about pushing my back/hip too far, I did it. I made it to the top. I was so proud of that feat– a feat I never would have even dreamt of undertaking six months ago. Thanks to the support and treatment I’ve received from you guys, this day was possible. 

You guys are awesome. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. Words cannot– and will not– ever be able to express the pride and gratitude I feel to be here. Thanks for all you all have done along the way. 

All my thanks,




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