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Scar Release Therapy Using Microcurrent Point Stimulation

Scar Release Therapy Using Microcurrent Point Stimulation: Release Your Hidden Barriers

In this article we will dive into how the skin and fascia, our protective barrier to the outside world, is key to the function of our nervous system, how scars can severely disrupt critical communication within this system, and how Scar Release Therapy using microcurrent point stimulation (MPS) can help release these hidden barriers and restore the flow of information throughout the body.

Achieve Better Balance

Achieve Better Balance by Training 3 Body Systems

Do you struggle to not wobble, feel dizzy or stay steady and if so, how can you achieve better balance? Balance is the ability of an individual to control their center of gravity in order to remain upright. It is context specific, meaning balance is influenced by the environment, the person, and the task. Every person should be able to recover their balance when faced with a sudden obstacle and be able to adapt to changing balance requirements.
Many people believe that good balance is simply something that comes naturally to us when we are young and declines as we age. In reality, good balance requires appropriate functioning of 3 different body systems and can be trained and improved. In older adults, balance becomes especially important to reduce the risk of falls and possible resulting injuries, such as hip fractures, concussions, and severe bruising.

How heavy your head is based on forward head posture

Forward Head Posture…Just How Heavy Is Your Head?

Your head is like a bowling ball – for an adult it usually weighs around 10-12 lbs. However, for every inch that your head sits forward, it increases the weight of the head by approximately 10 lbs. If your head sits forward 3 inches, the forces acting on your neck and upper back are significantly increased, as if the head weighed close to 42 lbs.

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